You are reading this page about why I blog. As simple as it may sound, it is because I love writing and reading. Before the wonderful age of internet came upon us, I already started writing in school notebooks, materialising the thoughts in my head into letters. The more I write, the more I love writing.

I must say I am embarrassed of myself, letting writing slipped of my hand for years. I forgot how long I have let this happened. When you let go of an activity you love for whatever reasons, you also let go of your specific skill(s). My writing has become bland and tasteless. Many blogs I have started with a great hope they will whipped me to come back at my feet and run writing again. I even paid for hosting and domain name, but did they work? Sadly, no. I kept on skipping with a zillion of any possible excuses. The last yoshuantari.com had died again from “self-led extinction”.

Now, here, I have set up a new “yoshuantari.com” again, for like.. the hundredth time (hyperbole on purpose). This time I choose the easy way. I used to take care of everything on my own. From setting up hosting, domain name, installing WordPress, setting up WordPress and so on. What’s different this time, is my perseverance and I let WordPress work for me. I no longer want to work everything on my own. Someone has got to be the boss for this blog to run. It has to be me.

I blog to learn writing, because anyone can write anything. But not everyone can write well. To do so, anyone must practice, and writing a blog can be a way to promote my progress. Thoughts will be written mainly in English, and sometimes also in Bahasa Indonesia.

Enjoy the blog, and be nice. Ridiculing others can backfire, you know.