Pencil Drawing

I used to love drawing, there was not a day I did not draw or doodle or sketch. Unlike now, I forgot the last time I even doodled for the sake of doodling. I already own stylus for my Note4 and iPad, but I don’t draw anymore. That’s sad. I left lots of my hobbies ever since I entered residency. I don’t blame residency, it’s just with 2 little children and assignments to handle, I just find my mood to draw never the same again.

So every art form I had seem to left me. I don’t sing as often, I don’t dance anymore, I don’t draw anymore, I don’t write. No wonder I feel strained! Those were hobbies I retain and they were useful for studying, too. Like the pictures I made to study anatomy in my first year. Bones were my thing. The only part in anatomy that I liked. I must say I prefer histopathology now, though. Hahaha ^^

I’m not trying to say I draw well. I don’t think they look nice, but I just like my hands working on them. It feels as if I’m doing something meaningful.


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