Cappuccino and Me

Feeling constantly blue from working in daytime at home. It just doesn’t feel right, because I routinely work at noon. I need to go out and pick a place where I can be among strangers, with acoustic background music accompanied by the tiny sounds of plates or cups clashing to spoons. Of course, the fact that I usually am only on my own at a cafe emphasize that I don’t have my children clinging on me (in a good way, of course).

Iced coffee sounds enticing in a sunny afternoon, but I always have the need of hot cup of coffee cappuccino before I can actually work. This has become a habit by the need to get up around 2-3 AM if I ever want my work to get (at least partly) done. Coffee helps to keep my eyes open so I don’t trip over my children’s scooter or baby walker and scattered puzzle pieces. I fancy frappuccino and the likes, but having cold coffee right at the moment you wake up sounds mismatched, right? Hot coffee is best to suit and soothe that mood at dawn.

Macbook, giraffe bag, and my half-sipped cappuccino to company my productive day

Since working and sipping on cappuccino got my gastric juice a bit hyperactive, I ordered fusili carbonara. Judging by appearance alone, it doesn’t look bad at all. But on the first spoon, it already let me down. The pasta is undercooked, I must say. It’s not ‘al dente’. It’s just unevenly cooked, some are soft, with the remaining still way too chewy. Well, this place is famous for the ambience and coffee, though, so no problem if the food do not fulfil Michelin rating.

Fusili carbonara for lonely lunch

I completed some work, not all, but it helps a lot to refresh yourself. If I stayed at home, I would have felt sad. Being home alone does not make me, instead it made me sad. My children are always around when I’m home. I miss them so much.

By the way, I seldom get out of the house, that I may only observe this now. I apologize, I’m not trying to generalize.. I guess teenagers and young adults these days tend to dress up and most girls will wear “too much” makeup with skimpy clothing (I guess it’s the current trend). But this attitude, I mean, taking pictures here and there repeatedly, have become the new accepted norm. To add to that situation, people no longer focus on conversations, they are mostly absorbed to their gadgets and cameras (DSLR or phone) in between short conversations. This is interesting.. Maybe if my generation got exposed too soon to this kind of culture, would the result be the same? Even elderly people now love taking wefies and selfies just about everywhere..

I spent my teenage days writing poems and sketching manga style girls or flowers. I see teenage girls this era spends their time putting on makeup and taking selfies.

What do you think?

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