Pancakes for Yummy Breakfast

Rice, rice, rice. Most Indonesians love rice and prefer to eat rice than other carbohydrate source. But if you have western sweet tooth like me, or simply bored with eating rice three times a day, you can always try eating pancake for breakfast! When making non-instant pancake powder I used this recipe I took from for 4 portions. I screenshot the recipe just cause.


Tips: I usually make the fluff aside, before I mix the dry parts, I separated the yolks and whites. And whisk egg whites and sugar until stiff. Quickly after I mixed the dry and wet ingredients and lastly the stiff egg whites. It will be even more fluffy! I also recommend to use a good quality liquid vanilla, not the powder ones – since the powder ones tend to taste bitter. The liquid ones can cost up to idr 80-100k a bottle, but they smell and taste so good! To make a fragrant pancake opt for better quality butter. They smell so good. My favorite is Elle & Vire since it’s not expensive yet it’s not the cheapest choice. I never use margarine for my pancakes.

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