The Raw Truth

I have no idea how many times I have been setting up my blog and then deleting it again. All with the same domain, the same name, but different contents. Fear of being read made me closed down everything soon after I managed to build a blog, no matter the efforts I’ve put down. I always want to build a personal blog, not for commerce, not for popularity. Just to let my personality run freely in the web, like it used to, in the old days of ancient internet. I used to have fellow bloggers, we read each other’s blogs and post constructive comments. I can’t say the same now.

I fear too much putting myself in a blog will make it too easy for people to read my mind. I want to blog about something else, like bullet journal perhaps. But I don’t like writing about a niche under my name. I will still post about whatever here. Thinking about which, I used to write mostly about shallow things, like complaining about my situations and all. But I’m a different person today. I don’t feel it’s appropriate to complain, anymore. I am way too lucky and too blessed to complain. I have lost a cause to write about in a personal blog, while writing about anything else would be too personal.

If you are reading this, I don’t know what you expected. Me, babbling about something silly to talk about, maybe? Yeah, too bad, I’m too shy now to do that. So, enjoy whatever things here. I will for sure announce the new blog with a specific niche, if ever.

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